Drift ice festival

In 1963, Japan’s first drift ice festival “Mombetsu drift ice festival” began. In Hokkaido, the oldest festival next to the “Sapporo Snow Festival” and “Asahikawa Winter Festival” Today, Mombetsu is the impression of “the town of drift ice”. In the past, citizens did not welcome drift ice much as it can not fish out if the ocean is filled with drift ice. It is this drift ice festival that was devised to make use of it. At the venue, ice statue made of natural ice, there are fun events, ice “GAMAN” hugging tournament, ice slide, song show. In the night the ice statue is lighted up and a different fantastic atmosphere from daytime.In “Ryuhyo Iceland Republic” to be held at the same venue, you can enjoy “Hyoutenka Marukajiri Party”, “Treasure Search”, “Snow Magnificent Maze”.

Drift Ice Festival 2017 in Monbetsu
Drift Ice Festival 2017 in Mombetsu
February 10th – February 12th, 2017
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Drift Ice Festival 2016 in Mombetsu [February 11th (Thu) – February 14th (Sun),2016]

On the 13th, the maximum temperature exceeded 10 degrees Celsius and it was easy for everyone visiting us to spend. From this temperature, in order to avoid danger it is necessary to break down the ice image which is likely to collapse. The next day became stormy on 14th, but various events were excited with a lot of visitors.

Total number of visitors: 52,600

Number of visitors

Drift Ice Festival 2015 in Mombetsu [February 7th (Sat) – February 11th (Wed),2015]

We had good weather for 5 days during the period. We moved the venue to the “Kaiyo koryukan” side this time. “Projection mapping” which was held on February 7th and 8th night as the first attempt this time is popular. The venue of the night was crowded.

Total number of visitors : 68,000

Number of visitors

Drift Ice Festival 2014 in Mombetsu [February 8th (Sat) – February 11th (Tue),2014]

During the period, we had snowstorms on Monday, but we were blessed with good weather. The main event on the 9th was extremely popular enough to cause a traffic jam on the surrounding roads.

Total number of visitors: 62,500

Number of visitors

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